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About Us

About Us

Nowadays when people talk about the new currency then only one name that comes to mind is Bitcoin. One of the leading names in the field of online currency is Bitcoin. Traders, business owners, pretty much everyone is mesmerized by this amazing invention by a creative genius that they are going gaga over the whole thing.

The Birth Of The Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Bitcoin is an amazing company that was created by the genius Satoshi Nakamoto during the early years of his work. The invention was implemented on the 31st of October in the year of 2008 where the entire invention was published in a certain mail list, a cryptographic one to be exact. The research paper that published first about the news of this amazing company had named the article as ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. And ever since its invention, people have not stopped talking about how useful and how important this particular invention is for the world.

Where other popular cryptographic methods failed to make any profits, Bitcoin emerged as the new leader as a cash method which provided the comfort of making money from anywhere.

The implementation of the Bitcoin was done as a certain open source code by the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This happened in January 2009. However, the identity of the creator still remains to be one of the mysteries that surround the invention.

The Bitcoin Company fully came into working existence in January 2009. It is during this time that the company got its first open source client and the issuance of the very first bitcoins began. The first mining of the bitcoin block was done by Nakamoto himself and the reward was of 50 bitcoins.

With the change of times, there have been many different cryptocurrencies but nothing has ever come close to that of Bitcoin. We are the lead company providing the best possible methods to earn some profit.

The Techboat Mining was invented in 2017. This mining platform had a singular goal. To provide thousands of users with a superb and amazing platform, online for trading and mining of the bitcoins. The platform instantly became a huge success as most of the business owners and traders began to use this particular platform for cloud mining and trading.

The features and the characteristics of the amazing website are what has made our company a raging success and has enhanced the customer base of our company and taken it to a whole another level. And it is due to the amazing success of Techboat Mining, that we have had our inspiration to create different a new mining platform in the recent times.

We are the oldest and the largest company that has been dealing with the concept of cryptocurrency ever since Bitcoin was just an idea and entered this year in cryptocurrency cloud mining industry at very large scale and we got very good support by our precious customers because of whom we get inspired to work more efficiently and restless 24/7.

With proficient and amazing professionals running the company, we have the most brilliant engineers and programmes to look after our success. We have a strong positive belief and a sense of strength within our team. And that is what makes us the leading name in the new economy.