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Australian Post Offices on Hype And Selling Bitcoin, Ethereum And Much More For Cash - Techboat Mining
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Australian Post Offices on Hype And Selling Bitcoin, Ethereum And Much More For Cash

Australian Post Offices on Hype And Selling Bitcoin, Ethereum And Much More For Cash

Australian Post Offices on Hype And Selling Bitcoin, Ethereum And Much More For Cash

The Bitcoin fever has left no stones unturned. With its widely spreading in almost every nation, they have got the attention of the Australian Post Offices to a great extent. As a result of which, the Australian Post Offices are selling Bitcoin, Ehereum cryptocurrency for the exchange of cash. All the above transaction will be done through “bitpanda to go” a startup which focuses solely on making the transaction of digital currency a lot easier.

Also, for visitors who like to do the cryptocurrency trading, they can purchase 50, 100 or 150 Euros from the Osterreichische Post Branches. This purchasing can help millions of users who are in need of the digital currency and want to use it to its highest potential.

Bitpanda Emergence
In Australia, there is a massive list of post branches. Among several of them, 1800 post branches provide cryptocurrency purchases a kind of receipt which can be used to enter on bitpanda.com/togo. Also, the website also shows the current exchange rate of the respective currency which seems to be quite a helpful option. And, thanks to their services, there are no additional fees or hidden costs which are the biggest USP of that respective site.

With such sites being at the rescue, cryptocurrency mining process can also be done with an absolute level of perfection. Now, for identification of an authenticated user, people will need a valid email address to set up an account. Then, they will have to select which digital currency they want to purchase and a code needs to be entered after that. After all the transactions, the desired amount is transferred to the user’s wallet. Well, this seems quite an easy process isn’t it? Yes, it is.

Fair Prices for Offline Purchases
Bitpanda which was formerly known as Coinimal strives hard in providing fair prices for offline purchases of cryptocurrencies. Along with that, the Osterreichische Post AG enables bitpanda to offer digital currencies at their respective cost. Hence, the fee structure of the offline transactions is much more similar to online options. With such flexibility, it allows people to see cryptocurrency to generate a more stable image for those who see the Internet commerce less favorable.

Talking about the Advent of Bitpanda, it was found in the year 2014 as Coinimal in October. This was achieved by some Bitcoin traders who experienced the harsh measures to acquire Bitcoin in the European Union. Hence, this issue contributed to the idea and making of Bitpanda.

A Versatile Platform
Just last year, Coinimal displayed a “sell” feature which enabled users to convert their ETH back to fiat which made it easier to buy and sell Ethereum. This process will be done with the help of a bank account. However, this process can be time-consuming as most exchanges primarily offer ETH-To-BTC trading or are US-Based.

Funding options are plenty where a total of nine options are available and withdrawals can be done using PayPal, NETELLER, SEPA or Skrill transfer.

Finally, in all the process of cryptocurrency trading, Coinimal which was rebranded as Bitpanda in 2016 built an Etherum wallet into its platform and further added Litecoin and dash for providing more options to the users.

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