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Know all FAQ abut cloud & alt-coin mining services in Detail
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Customer Service

We Provide The Best Customer Service Here At Techboat Mining

We, at the Techboat Mining, thrive to provide the best cryptocurrency services to the customers who want a secure and simple way to get ‘hashpower’ without dealing with the complications of software and hardware. Unlike most of our competitors. We here provide the best service to our customers by giving them exactly what they desire.

Our Services

We provide hosted and secured services of cryptocurrency mining and a variety of solutions to the various mining issues that the small scale and the large scale investors face, while doing mining. With an amazing algorithmic trading framework, a spectacular infrastructure for mining and an amazing software for the management of mining farm, we certainly are worth giving a try. These are the main reasons why we are considered to be the best providers of customer services.

Our team has certain mining experts that have amazing knowledge and experience about the digital currency that provides us an upper hand in providing our users with the most reliable and efficient mining facilities for use.

The Difference Of Our Services From Our Competitors

While most of our competitors buy the costly GPUs to make the mining transactions work, we do not do the same.

We at the Techboat Mining have taken the machines on certain rent so that you only have to pay a minimal amount as monthly rent and in this way our users can save a lot of money by paying rent as compare to investing only in a single machine, instead we take 10 GPUs on rent so you get 10 times “Hashpower” at cost of only one machine. Plus if new technology comes over and poses to be a threat than all you have to do is replace the old machine with the latest technology without really paying the whole cost of the machine. Sounds good, right?

This is certainly a better option than buying the machine where you end up paying more than required.

The Mining Procedure

Now you must be wondering how the whole procedure of mining work with Techboat Mining. Well, to say that our mining platform provides a way to transfer it directly to the wallet of the user which can be tracked. We give link of Nanopool to track your mining anytime anywhere.

Although we don’t disclose any details about the location of our mining farms, there are many established branches of our company in several parts of America, Europe, and Asia.

Return On Investment

It is not a surprise to the users that the Cryptocurrency mining procedure clearly depends on the difficulty and the prices of the coins that the users mine. However, we, at the Techboat Mining, provide some simple and effective platforms for cryptocurrency mining and we also give our customers the necessary data that they need for making a profit on mining.

Mining Crashes And Support

Sometimes it so happens that while mining, the hardware crashes or breaks down while the procedure happens. The services from Techboat Mining provide allotted mining pools and offer the exact compensation for the losses that come from the hardware breakdown. In this way, the client does not lose a moment of the mining time.

Customer service is the main priority of Techboat Mining. And we understand how important it is to find answers to difficult questions regarding mining. And that is why we provide our best services and customer support to ensure that the users understand the whole concept in detail.

Have any query?
Below are solutions for that!!!

What is Techboat Mining?

Techboat Mining is a cryptocurrency service that is an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. We offer hosted cryptocurrency mining services and a variety of mining related solutions to small and large scale investors. The combination of our algorithmic trading framework, mining infrastructure, and proprietary mining farm-management software, Techboat Hive, quickly made us an industry leader.


Our team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining facilities. Teach Boat Mining is also the founding partner of Logos Fund, the first ever Bitcoin Mining Fund, which targets professional investors looking to gain access to Bitcoin’s and various other digital assets‘ potential.


Our service was founded by the end of 2017 and with now over 350.000 users we are the world‘s leading multi-algorithm cloud mining service.

Why we are different from others?

We do not purchase any high cost GPU’s instead we take machines on rent,so you pay only monthly rent as it’s result,you are only paying for one machine and generating 10 GPU’s hash power.It’s pretty much obvious that to pay rent is much better option than buying machine and ending up paying large sum of money.


The another reason we are doing this is incase any new technology comes in mining we can replace with the latest technology. And we don’t even have to pay entire machine cost.And we get maximum hashpower in same cost again.


# Cost if we purchase 1 GPU Cost if we rent 10 GPU’s
Machine cost $3500 including all taxes approx $1200
Hashrate 120-130 Mh/s 1200 Mh/s
All expenses including electricity, cooling, maintanance $100 $1,000
Earning $300 approx as per current difficulty level $3,000 approx as per current difficulty level
Your earning $200 $800
Risk factor Machine downtime,
downtime,if hardware problems repeating cost
NONE, as we have entire technical team here to take care

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a brand of digital coins also known as a kind of a decentralized digital money as they work without any administrator. Bitcoins are mostly used to secure transactions, make payments with the help of digitalised format which makes the use of cash a secondary item. Known to be produced by a secret group named by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoins can easily be interchanged with the other currency option that we have.

Who created Bitcoins?

Bitcoin was initiated in 2008 when the first segment about it was published in a research paper that was termed as ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. The paper, originally written by the pseudonym; Satoshi Nakamoto’, gained popularity after its release. But, till date, no one really knows about the founders or the author.

Since how long have bitcoin been in existence?

The first client of bitcoin was acquired in 2009, which built up the whole bitcoin network. And, they made transactions with the help of online chat groups and forums.

How Are Bitcoins Generated?

By a procedure known as mining, anyone can have access to bitcoins. The main focus here is to solve the complicated algorithms. When solved, it creates a bitcoin. The only difficulty here is the energy that is needed to mine a particular bitcoin, which increases with time.

Who are miners?

Anyone with a computer and good graphics can be a miner. With the use of dedicated machines and perfect algorithms, miners create the bitcoins.

What’s a blockchain?

The public ledger that keeps track of all the transactions of bitcoin, is known as the blockchain.

Why Mining Cryptocurrency is necessary?

Bitcoin is certainly one of the first open network for finance. And it is not even controlled by any government organizations, as opposed to other forms of currency. The cryptocurrencies are a whole another thing. If you need more transparency in your currency, mining cryptocurrency is the best deal.


There exists a certain lack of trust when it comes to the government, and it is turning global. So you can definitely understand the need to mine cryptocurrency for the greater good.


Cryptocurrencies are the best thing if you need privacy. While bank accounts fail to do so, cryptocurrency provides you the much needed privacy. And the information that you share for mining it remains up to you only.

Are you Mining Altcoin?

Altcoins, also known as the alternative to the bitcoins, are necessarily used as another form of digitalized currency that is much similar to that of bitcoin. But they are not bitcoins, don’t be mistaken. They are similar and are cryptocurrencies. They operate on the same exchanges and provide a great opportunity for mining. You can definitely profit from altcoins.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining has been going around gaining the popularity ever since the release of cryptocurrency. And cloud mining can be defined as the process of mining bitcoins with the use of a data center. Cloud mining assists the customers to mine the cryptocurrencies without having to manage the software. It is kind of a service where there is some cost associated with it.